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Recognized and Trusted By 100,000+ Customers.
State-Of-The-Art Technology
Use state-of-the-art technology for POS systems, mobile payments, and wireless programs.
Dedicated Account Manager
You get your own dedicated account manager in addition to 24/7 support.
Insights to Grow Your Business
Transform your payments data into valuable insights about your customers and sales.
Serving Diverse Industries For Over A Decade.
From POS systems to gift and loyalty cards for your customers, we provide the services you'll likely need to keep business running smooth.
Merchant One's B2B program was carefully tailored and designed to ensure proper card qualification, and a great image for all card businesses.
Accepting credit cards online should dramatically increase sales and allow your business to compete in the growing digital marketplace.
From fine dining to fast food, our industry leading restaurant solution provides high speed processing, to keep up with almost any restaurant environment.
Tradeshow Events
Taking payments at a trade show could be a challenge, unless you’re working with Merchant One’s state of the art wireless solutions.
What Our Customers Are Saying.
“Merchant One is an outstanding company to work with! I have been with them for almost three years now and they are always helpful if I have questions, they keep their word and they are always pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend Merchant One to anyone looking for a partner for your business needs.”
“The representative who helped me learn how to use my account was amazing he took me through step by step. Also he made sure that I knew how to use everything I would need. Thusfar I have had nothing but the most helpful people guide me through my new merchant account.”
“Whenever I have to contact Merchant One they are so easy to talk to they resolve any issue that I may be having.They have never made me feel that I was bothering them. I would highly recommend Merchant One to anybody that wants an honest company as a card processing option.”
“They helped me through a mishap with an amount charged to a customer without a hassle and knew the best way to do it so that our customer would not be charged 2 times.”